Saturday, June 15, 2013

Typical converstaions

A typical conversation between Genna and I would go a little something like this: Genna - " can you blog for me while I'm away for a week at work camp?." Summer - " Ok I'm up for the challenge although I might not be able to bare you being gone for so long! Ha ha for some reason that reminded me of the part in the movie titanic when Jack and Rose are cast into the freezing cold ocean and Rose is like I'll never let go Jack I'll never let go!." Genna - " Hahahahah I love you Summer!" Summer - " NO Genna this is NOT goodbye! DON'T YOU DARE SAY GOODBYE! promise me that you will survive!." to All the lovers of the movie must understand. I watched that movie only two days ago and honestly I cried my eyes out like never before. Today is a pretty neutral day for me, no workouts to be done and no on the go meals to prep, or any places to go for that matter. I will be blogging tomorrow as well in place of the Glamorous Genna while she is visiting family and going to N.C until Monday. One of my favorite memories of us is when we went to the mall while we both had are shoulder sling/ knee brace on! we looked like we had been in a car crash together, or possible a war, and some store owners where pretty baffled at the site of us. We just laughed on. I am thankful to have had her by my side throughout my time in the sling and even now that I'm out of it she still encourages me to keep pushing on ( still in physical therapy and can only swim 4 laps for now) and to be the best that I can be. My Coach tells me my stroke is better then it was! which is pretty embarrassing when you think about it. Even though I am not doing my neighborhood summer league swim team I was pleased to be informed that my alpha female reputation still lives on. Aha. One day i would LOVE to ride horses with Genna, I used to ride when I was younger for 3 years so the powerful and majestic feeling of riding is mutual. Tomrrow I will blog about my life lessons learned. ~ Summer.

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