Friday, June 14, 2013

hey everyone, as you have probably noticed, i am sharing a blog with my best friend summer! shes great and youll love her! she and i talk every single day and we tell everything to eachother so we're really close =) i realized that i never said much about i love to ride horses as much as summer loves to swim. i love math  because i am best as reasoning and logic, but i am still known as the ditsy blonde girl who has style and makes everyone laugh. i am turning 16 in september and i got my permit and i love driving...even though it scares my mom, probably because i keep pressing the brake instead of the gas pedal xD. i forgot to say one of my mine and summers similarities! we both had surgery! as youve read, she had shoulder surgery in march, well i had knee surgery in february and i am having another surgery on my other knee on the 5th of july, meaning i will be doing something super fun on the 4th of july! PARTY!!!! hehe. i love to sing, clean(it calms me down when im mad), playing soccer, and of course math and horse back riding! i do ride all year long and its so much fun! if anything thinks that riding horses is not a sport, you are extremely wrong. it is one of the sports that has been around for centuries and it requires lots of discipline, support, focus, muscle, patience, and technique. i am a girl so i do love to SHOP! i go shopping all the time, i literally shop til i drop ;) i also love to draw, not paint, but draw. below you will see a drawing. i drew this when i first started a real art class and it didnt take me long. tell me what you think =).........genna<3

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