Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey guys! Its genna here all the way in north carolina! Like summer said, I am spending time with family on the lake! Its been tons of fun here but I did get some sunburn so tomorrow on the boat will be fun. I got invited to go by this boy to go on his jet ski. He is my neighbors friend but I just met him so I'll stay safe and pass on that adventure. I mean he's my age and semi cute but I'm staying clear of moments where a boy could start liking me or for me to lie a boy more than a friend...I've Been having lots of boy trouble lately so I'm taking guys only as friends. I can live without a boyfriend but not a friend. Before I came here, I was in warrenton. Of course drama happened there but I'm just trying to forget about it right now. When I had spare time, I decided to color the driveway completely in chalk! Which I successfully did and I will show pictures as soon as I am able to. Sorry about all the spelling errors, its harder to type on a tablet than it is a laptop...its time for dessert now and the hotub! Btw if anyone wants to know...dessert tonight is bluebell cookies and cream ice cream with fresh strawberries and fresh from the market, chocolate and banana bread...we ate all the homemade stuff this morning xD


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