Sunday, June 30, 2013

Genna here! I have realized today that no matter how many people say they love you, only half of them actually mean it. So don't get too comfy with people who say they want to be a part of your life after 16 years of ignoring and abandoning you. They just want to look good in front of the public. Yesterday was a rough day for me. What I just said happened to me once again but I'm not letting this person in. My friends say I don't know how it feels to be broken up with, but I know how it feels to be rejected all your life. I know how it feels to think that everything is your fault so you constantly say sorry. I turned into as crowd please, but no more. I realized with help that its okay to be me. Its okay to eat and enjoy life. Its okay to not say sorry when you didnt Do anything wrong. Its okay to be free.

Friday, June 28, 2013


update on Genna: she should be coming home today! I'm so excited to finally have her back and posting like normal, as I have run out of inspiration. Yesterday I went to count laps at a swim-athon for summer league, an old friend was there and music was playing and even though it drove me crazy with every one asking me questions, I enjoyed myself. Alex and I went to the dock while it was pouring rain, but it was great to finally see him again after him being gone for a year. My swim coach and I are going to talk about me being a senior swimmer today! or very soon, I'm extremely THRILLED that my hard work is soon to be paying off, I just have to heal fully from surgery. Genna and I will be headed to the gym as soon as we figure out a date, no more loneliness at the gym for me aha. The past few weeks seem to have flown by pretty quick, time needs to slow down. In two months exactly I will be 16. I have been having a lot of girls lately asking  me for fitness tips and how to be a more healthy being, they used to ask me "why are you doing it?" and now they ask me " how did you do it?!" so I think my next post will be a about general fitness, nutrition, and eating disorders. Quote " Because at first they will ask you WHY you're doing it, but then they will ask you HOW you did it." - Unknown. have a great day everyone, ~ Summer

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer time country girl

Hey guys! sorry for no post yesterday, got pretty busy. So my summer time only love of country has hit its max! I guess I only like it in the summer because summer time is less serious for me, and I don't need that pump up adrenaline music like rap as much. Listening to some headstrong Carrie Underwood as I'm writing this as well as an essay for biology. I swam a straight 800 from the block today! my head was pounding but I kept on swimming till I finished, what pain I push through today makes me that much stronger tomorrow. Planning on maybe running a long run early morning then spending my day at the pool since there is a summer league swim meet away for the rest of my fam. Can't wait for Genna to come home! I was just thinking today how weird it is not talking to her. Quote "Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength." - Arnold Schwarzenegger. that is a commendable quote to me and I can highly relate to it. - Summer xo

Sunday, June 23, 2013

poppin bottles...protien bottles ;)

This morning I enjoyed a delicious bottlehouse farms salted caramel latte with my breakfast and enjoyed the light rain, although it was a bit cold. It's only 9:05 and I'm all pumped up for the gym! and this coming week...been trying to decide what my next essay will be about, it's gotta be done by July so I cant start the next two. So now when I say I'm taking a rest day, I mean I'm not doing cardio/ two a day workout, and instead just one weight lifting session. I do 6 days of two a day workouts, sometimes three, consisting of weights, swimming, and running, and the seventh day no cardio and just weights. People tell me that if I lift that I'll look like a guy, when in reality a girls gotta take steroids or testosterone to get to the 'buff guy' status. One test left for science then I'm done for the year! quote - " Though she be but little, she is fierce" - William Shakespeare, enjoy the day, ~ Summer xo

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just another day in paradise

Genna is off to work camp! last we talked she was at the catholic home school convention, she said she was having a good time, and is excited for work camp. So I guess I'm really on my own now for holding up the blog for a week! I can do this. just a matter of finding interesting subjects to talk about. I finally made it through the week! going to the gym tomorrow morning even though it was supposed to be a rest day...rebel much. Been playing some slightly depressing Taylor Swift songs on my guitar, such beautiful songs to play, and now that I've been in the water more it makes my finger tips sore :(.  I got both sun burnt and now the beginnings on a swimmers tan at the pool this morning, it was worth it. So now that I will be swimming a mile by the end of net week, it seems the silver lining on the dark cloud is finally showing. It's so strange to swim and not feel my shoulder grinding and partially dislocating with every stroke! One thing I love about the summer time is I actually enjoy country music ( summer time only ) and I love blasting it and cooking up a delish clean meal for the family, it just gives me a chance to wind down a bit and relax because after all it is the summer time, FINALLY!, and this year I have no harsh conflicts haunting me in every corner of my mind! Quote " Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill. ~ Summer xo

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mind over matter

In life you have to experience bad weeks, months, or even years to know what true happiness is. Period. God has given you this life because he knows that you are strong enough to conquer anything that comes across your path, and after all, bad times never really last. You only get one chance at life, so why not make the best of it? laugh over the smallest things, save all your tears for the big things, and never be too hard on yourself. Go ahead, be silly! make mistakes! regret nothing! at one point and time it was exactly what you wanted, what you thought was best, and in the end the only one who could possibly judge us is God himself. Never take life to seriously or to fast. Countless times I would find myself in the bathroom, looking at my reflection, thinking why? why me? Why can't I be good enough or why can't I look like that, be that, or why can't things just stay the same? I felt trapped in my own mind endlessly judging and discriminating myself over the tiniest things that now, don't even matter to me. Most of it was all in my head. One thing led to another, just digging myself deeper into the same rut, when one day I decided enough was ENOUGH. I had to pull myself together and see and start believing that I am beautiful for being who I am, that I am strong, strong enough to live this life and see the divine, nourishing beauty of life in itself. I try to help others to see this in them as well, and inspire them to create a better life for themselves, whatever that may be. Quote - " Be strong when you are weak, brave when you are scared, and humble when you are victorious." - unknown. I hope this inspires you to be the best YOU you could possibly be! ~ Summer

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Staying strong ~ Summer

Hey guys! I was delighted to read the earlier post from Genna, and I'm glad to read of all the exhilarating adventures she's had. My past two days and week in general have been on a record breaker for feeling fatigued, probably due to the stress from timing at a meet yesterday ( which wont be happening again soon, or for that team any how.) And my tip is do NOT go run four miles before hand. I've accomplished five days of swimming ( as of tomorrow ), 3 days of weight lifting, one day of physical therapy, and about 10 miles of running. I'd say that for me, that's pretty darn good. Although I have to keep reminding myself of what exactly I go to swim practice for, ( focusing on me, instead of what OTHERS are thinking of me.) and telling myself that I'm giving 110% of everything I've got, and one day it's all going to pay off. Once Genna finally comes back, her and I will be hitting up the gym for some seriously needed girl time. My favorite quote - " Don't look at how far you still have to go, rather, look at how far you've come." - Unknown to me. That quote really motivates me to get through my toughest workouts/days. Another favorite of mine - " Where there is a desire there is gonna be a flame, where there is a flame some ones bound  to get burned, but just because it burns doesn't mean your gonna die, you gotta get up and try, try, try." - P!nk. have a lovely night x ~ Summer

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hey guys! So today was full of adventure! I woke up at 6am and went out onto the lake to knee board! I decided to do some tricks like doing a 360 (going in a complete circle), catching some air over the waves/bumps, and just going backwards!!! It was so much fun but a little bit scary! After a bit it started to hurt my knees really bad so I had to take a break. So then I went into the hot tub with my nieces and then into the pool to play and swim. Once we were done, the girl went in for a nap and I stayed out at the pool to tan, I ended up falling asleep and getting bent everywhere that my bathing suit wasn't covering! I look like bob the tomato from veggie tales! Once I woke up I got some lunch and ate outside by our lil beach, I then got a couple of my guy friends together and we went tubing! I was flying out of the tube nd then back in for every turn and jump! It was so scary but so much fun! I never did go on the jet ski with that one boy but I'm okay with that, he's just a boy. Haha so after that we went knee boarding again and my old friend showed off and did all my tricks so I didnt feel as superior but oh well. I guess guys just like to show off when there's a girl around. I forgot to mention that I  was the only girl there with them. Just me and the boys. So we finished up at the lake and the boys headed inside to play video games...classic teenage boys...and I went in the hot tub again with my nieces. I then went kayaking with my sister in law and saw a beautiful grey horse by the lake. She was stunning. We then gave my nieces and then my sis in law started poking my face to see if my sunburn was so bad that she could her finger print in my face...gotta love family lol. I never did have dessert tonight. I was too busy looking last turtles in the lake, jumping on the trampoline playing soccer and playing with two little twins who absolutely love me..not trying to be proud or anything hehe. Today was full of adventures and I cannot wait to see what comes in the morning. 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hey guys! Its genna here all the way in north carolina! Like summer said, I am spending time with family on the lake! Its been tons of fun here but I did get some sunburn so tomorrow on the boat will be fun. I got invited to go by this boy to go on his jet ski. He is my neighbors friend but I just met him so I'll stay safe and pass on that adventure. I mean he's my age and semi cute but I'm staying clear of moments where a boy could start liking me or for me to lie a boy more than a friend...I've Been having lots of boy trouble lately so I'm taking guys only as friends. I can live without a boyfriend but not a friend. Before I came here, I was in warrenton. Of course drama happened there but I'm just trying to forget about it right now. When I had spare time, I decided to color the driveway completely in chalk! Which I successfully did and I will show pictures as soon as I am able to. Sorry about all the spelling errors, its harder to type on a tablet than it is a laptop...its time for dessert now and the hotub! Btw if anyone wants to know...dessert tonight is bluebell cookies and cream ice cream with fresh strawberries and fresh from the market, chocolate and banana bread...we ate all the homemade stuff this morning xD


rainy days are boring ~ Summer

Its another one of those rainy, dreary days. Glad I got my run in earlier this morning at 6am, nothing much left to do except go to swim practice and then possibly the gym. So I guess you could say its a pretty boring day, although if it stops raining I'll be heading to the neighborhood pool to coach some kids during swim tonight. ~ Summer

Monday, June 17, 2013

Clean eating ~ Summer

Before I get to my main subject, Genna would like me to let you guys know that she will be staying in N.C until Friday( 21st ) then going to a home school conference, and then leaving next day for work camp until the 28th! I'm not sure how often she will be able to blog, if at all, but she will be back before you know it. So before my surgery on my left shoulder back in the beginning of march I used to be the typical swimmer, eating TONS of food, not really assessing the nutritional value and quality, food was just food, and you could say I was on a sea food diet. I'd sea food and I'd eat it! hehe. Most of what I ate was packaged and processed foods, or fast food. I'd rarely drink enough water if at all and this resulted in my feeling tired, head achy, and just not able to preform my best ON TOP of having an injury. I carried on like this for about a year and steadily lost motivation and doubted whether I should just quit or not, but my coach was determined not to give up on me and persuaded me that we will just take it one step at a time and get through the pain until surgery. High school season came and went and I made two high school school records in the 200 IM and 500 free style, as well as 3rd and 6th best times in state of Virginia for the month of December in the 50 butterfly and 50 breastroke for club swimming, all with a shoulder constantly dislocating and shredding away cartilage. After my shoulder was all fixed up through surgery I was left with a recovery time of 4 months and 6 weeks of it in a sling, 3 months of it out of the water. Now combine a 3,000+ calorie intake diet with lack of exercise and BAM you are now a house. Something had to change. Although I still went to the gym and sat on the bike for an hour I was burning no where nears the amount of a 2 and a half hour swim workout does. So I did my research and downloaded the app my fitnesspal, to keep count of my macro nutrients and calorie intake, I discovered something called clean eating, or a no processed food diet. It was incredibly HARD the first 2 months, I had to give up many scrumptious foods. Clean eating is a raw food diet consisting of non man made foods like vegetables, fruit, healthy grains, lean meats and little dairy, processed foods are all junk food, fast foods, sodas, and basically anything with over 5 ingredients or preservatives and ingredients you can't pronounce. I lost 6 pounds just by changing my diet along with a calorie deficit, along with feeling 100% more amazing about my self and my energy levels have soared farther then any energy drink could ever get me. Of course I cheat on this LIFE STYLE of clean eating, but in moderation. I like to say life style rather then diet, because diets get you from point A to point B and then when you get to point B it usually ends. Once I start swimming more I will start increasing my calorie intake slowly so as not to gain too much fat and start putting on more muscle. I also drink a gallon of water a day to help flush out any toxins and extra fats in my body as well as to stay properly hydrated, and to accomplish this I literally have my own milk jug thing that I cleaned out and I drink from that. Yes I am a bit crazy but then again a normal person never made history did they?. Quote - " To look like you've never looked before, you must do something you've never done." ......Love ~ Summer

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life lessons ~ Summer

It seems I dive through an endless sea of mistakes and screw ups, sometimes I even make the same mistake once or even three times before it gets through that, hey, maybe I shouldn't do that any more! my dad always tells me " You only become wise through trial and error.". People constantly are walking in and out of my  life, and rarely stay longer then a year, even if I wish it different, that they could stay, I truly believe that some people are only meant to teach a lesson and once its taught, in any form or way, to leave. Kind of like Mary Poppins. A few years ago, when I was 13, I was quite the rebellion. I made a myriad of numerous mistakes that lead into pretty bad and corrupt situations. I'd imagine I'm the culprit for most of the gray hairs on my parents heads, aha, but once its all said and done, there's nothing you can do about it except look forward to the future to better things and strive for higher, more honorable morals for your self, and to never look back or dwell too much on things you simply can not change. Qoute ~ " She BELIVED she COULD, so she DID" - Unknown. Love, Summer.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Typical converstaions

A typical conversation between Genna and I would go a little something like this: Genna - " can you blog for me while I'm away for a week at work camp?." Summer - " Ok I'm up for the challenge although I might not be able to bare you being gone for so long! Ha ha for some reason that reminded me of the part in the movie titanic when Jack and Rose are cast into the freezing cold ocean and Rose is like I'll never let go Jack I'll never let go!." Genna - " Hahahahah I love you Summer!" Summer - " NO Genna this is NOT goodbye! DON'T YOU DARE SAY GOODBYE! promise me that you will survive!." to All the lovers of the movie must understand. I watched that movie only two days ago and honestly I cried my eyes out like never before. Today is a pretty neutral day for me, no workouts to be done and no on the go meals to prep, or any places to go for that matter. I will be blogging tomorrow as well in place of the Glamorous Genna while she is visiting family and going to N.C until Monday. One of my favorite memories of us is when we went to the mall while we both had are shoulder sling/ knee brace on! we looked like we had been in a car crash together, or possible a war, and some store owners where pretty baffled at the site of us. We just laughed on. I am thankful to have had her by my side throughout my time in the sling and even now that I'm out of it she still encourages me to keep pushing on ( still in physical therapy and can only swim 4 laps for now) and to be the best that I can be. My Coach tells me my stroke is better then it was! which is pretty embarrassing when you think about it. Even though I am not doing my neighborhood summer league swim team I was pleased to be informed that my alpha female reputation still lives on. Aha. One day i would LOVE to ride horses with Genna, I used to ride when I was younger for 3 years so the powerful and majestic feeling of riding is mutual. Tomrrow I will blog about my life lessons learned. ~ Summer.

Friday, June 14, 2013

ps..summer can confirm i act extremely blonde


hey everyone, as you have probably noticed, i am sharing a blog with my best friend summer! shes great and youll love her! she and i talk every single day and we tell everything to eachother so we're really close =) i realized that i never said much about i love to ride horses as much as summer loves to swim. i love math  because i am best as reasoning and logic, but i am still known as the ditsy blonde girl who has style and makes everyone laugh. i am turning 16 in september and i got my permit and i love driving...even though it scares my mom, probably because i keep pressing the brake instead of the gas pedal xD. i forgot to say one of my mine and summers similarities! we both had surgery! as youve read, she had shoulder surgery in march, well i had knee surgery in february and i am having another surgery on my other knee on the 5th of july, meaning i will be doing something super fun on the 4th of july! PARTY!!!! hehe. i love to sing, clean(it calms me down when im mad), playing soccer, and of course math and horse back riding! i do ride all year long and its so much fun! if anything thinks that riding horses is not a sport, you are extremely wrong. it is one of the sports that has been around for centuries and it requires lots of discipline, support, focus, muscle, patience, and technique. i am a girl so i do love to SHOP! i go shopping all the time, i literally shop til i drop ;) i also love to draw, not paint, but draw. below you will see a drawing. i drew this when i first started a real art class and it didnt take me long. tell me what you think =).........genna<3

Thursday, June 13, 2013

sharing a blog

Hi! Genna and I ( Summer ) have decided to share a blog. I'm 15, turning 16 in august. I swim on a year round swim team, but am recovering from a shoulder surgery I had back in march. I also enjoy running, music ( I play guitar ), and going to the gym and lifting weights. I was born and raised on the beach at Chesapeake Bay, and moved out close to the Blue ridge Mountains when I grew a bit older. I've always been fascinated by nature and love walking through the creeks in the deep woods on hot summer days in search of adventure. Swimming is a huge part of my life, some say I'm obsessed and crazy, I say I'm dedicated and motivated!. I try to see the good in everyone and everything as well as keep my chin held high during rough times. I think a lot and some times I don't say much. something to keep in mind: Strong people stand up for themselves, but the strongest stand up for others. ~ Summer.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

im tired of being ignored and walked all over. im ready to have a voice and speak out.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

little short story i felt like sharing, the other day i was riding horses with one of my friends and while i was cantering around the arena, it was her turn to jump. anyway, she got to her final jump and right as she jumped it, she managed to break the standard(pole). we immediately laughed because neither of us have ever done that or have seen that been done before. our instructor looked at us and asked us how she was going to tell the owner what happened and how to fix it without getting a new friend and i both said "super glue" at the same time and then looked at each other and started laughing. our instructor of course started laughing too because she never thought that too blonde girls would have the same idea, even though we knew it would never work, especially since the standard was broken completely in half. when it was my turn to jump my horse, i asked my instructor to hold the standard(pole) up and she immediately said no because she was afraid i was going to do the same thing my friend did, but instead she was afraid i would break her....this made my day and still makes me laugh =)

Monday, June 10, 2013

why cant breakups be nice,clean, and simple? why does everyone have to feel like they were the victim. im sure this world would be alot more sane and undercontrol if there werent so many messy breakups. simply say that that person is not the one youre meant to marry and move on. it doesnt have to be a fight or full of crying. if people would be mature about one thing, id rather it be about relationships than bodyparts when they grow up. there are millions and billions of people on this earth, chances are, not every single person you date will be the one for you. just think about that next time youre attracted to someone.

i want to thank my friends for being there for me when i need them the most. whenever i go through rough times, they always manage to make me feel better. friends are the people who never leave you no matter how bad life gets, thats what makes them family. they never leave your side and know every single little thing about you so they can cheer you up right away and can have fun with you or do whatever you like to do with your friends. in my case, my best friend and i love to laugh and fake faces but we really love eating noodles together!

why do people make such a big deal about exam week? its a week of testing that will affect your grade but when you stress out about it, its not going to help keep information in your mind. it will only make you overwhelmed and whats the point of that? i say just relax, study for a bit every night. dont make a big deal about a test. just write down what you know and calm down. it will all be over soon enough. just promise yourself a reward, tell yourself you can sleep for days straight as soon as you finish the exams but only if you study and do your best.

hey im new to this so id love to hear about what you like to talk or read about, you can check out my profile and learn about me! this blog is going to be just about life and distractions from life. when im having a bad day i generally go outside and take care of horses or kick a soccer ball but im trying out this. anyway, i plan to talk about everything i can think of, just to keep it interesting....starting with food! who hasnt ever wanted to stay up all night and eat ice cream or make ice cream floats with your best friends, and what about eating whipped cream out of the can? does anyone else love to do that?