Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hey guys! So today was full of adventure! I woke up at 6am and went out onto the lake to knee board! I decided to do some tricks like doing a 360 (going in a complete circle), catching some air over the waves/bumps, and just going backwards!!! It was so much fun but a little bit scary! After a bit it started to hurt my knees really bad so I had to take a break. So then I went into the hot tub with my nieces and then into the pool to play and swim. Once we were done, the girl went in for a nap and I stayed out at the pool to tan, I ended up falling asleep and getting bent everywhere that my bathing suit wasn't covering! I look like bob the tomato from veggie tales! Once I woke up I got some lunch and ate outside by our lil beach, I then got a couple of my guy friends together and we went tubing! I was flying out of the tube nd then back in for every turn and jump! It was so scary but so much fun! I never did go on the jet ski with that one boy but I'm okay with that, he's just a boy. Haha so after that we went knee boarding again and my old friend showed off and did all my tricks so I didnt feel as superior but oh well. I guess guys just like to show off when there's a girl around. I forgot to mention that I  was the only girl there with them. Just me and the boys. So we finished up at the lake and the boys headed inside to play video games...classic teenage boys...and I went in the hot tub again with my nieces. I then went kayaking with my sister in law and saw a beautiful grey horse by the lake. She was stunning. We then gave my nieces and then my sis in law started poking my face to see if my sunburn was so bad that she could her finger print in my face...gotta love family lol. I never did have dessert tonight. I was too busy looking last turtles in the lake, jumping on the trampoline playing soccer and playing with two little twins who absolutely love me..not trying to be proud or anything hehe. Today was full of adventures and I cannot wait to see what comes in the morning. 


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