Monday, June 10, 2013

hey im new to this so id love to hear about what you like to talk or read about, you can check out my profile and learn about me! this blog is going to be just about life and distractions from life. when im having a bad day i generally go outside and take care of horses or kick a soccer ball but im trying out this. anyway, i plan to talk about everything i can think of, just to keep it interesting....starting with food! who hasnt ever wanted to stay up all night and eat ice cream or make ice cream floats with your best friends, and what about eating whipped cream out of the can? does anyone else love to do that?


  1. Yeahhh, all night long with ice cream and eating the whipped cream right out of the can @tjimcafee

  2. and when its warm enough in the summer, everyone needs to go outside in the middle of the night and run around having a whipped cream fight

    1. me and my boifriend did that but then he fell, i licked the cream off of him and it was roman tic