Friday, June 28, 2013


update on Genna: she should be coming home today! I'm so excited to finally have her back and posting like normal, as I have run out of inspiration. Yesterday I went to count laps at a swim-athon for summer league, an old friend was there and music was playing and even though it drove me crazy with every one asking me questions, I enjoyed myself. Alex and I went to the dock while it was pouring rain, but it was great to finally see him again after him being gone for a year. My swim coach and I are going to talk about me being a senior swimmer today! or very soon, I'm extremely THRILLED that my hard work is soon to be paying off, I just have to heal fully from surgery. Genna and I will be headed to the gym as soon as we figure out a date, no more loneliness at the gym for me aha. The past few weeks seem to have flown by pretty quick, time needs to slow down. In two months exactly I will be 16. I have been having a lot of girls lately asking  me for fitness tips and how to be a more healthy being, they used to ask me "why are you doing it?" and now they ask me " how did you do it?!" so I think my next post will be a about general fitness, nutrition, and eating disorders. Quote " Because at first they will ask you WHY you're doing it, but then they will ask you HOW you did it." - Unknown. have a great day everyone, ~ Summer

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