Monday, July 1, 2013


everyday i wake up thinking to myself, today i am going to be more outgoing than usual, i am going to be adventurous, i am going to show my crazy, fun, and silly side to the world..i turn on my music, take a shower, get ready for the day. but once im finally good  to go, i never go anywhere that i havent been to. i am a girl of shopping and never letting a moment of the day go by without making it a remembered moment. but the thing is, ive been to the same stores over and over again. its time for me to explore new stores and see how well their clothes fit me and how i like their style. the reason im saying this is because its good to go out of your comfort zone. go to new places, do new things. be adventurous! dont take life for granted because you only get one shot at it. life is a beautiful thing and its your decision on how to spend every second of every minute of every moment of every day. be free! what ever you do, dont regret it. everything in life is just a stepping stone to make you into a better you. by the end of the day, you should be smiling because you had so much fun or did what you wanted to do. i am having surgery on my knee this coming friday, july 5th. i will be on bed rest for at least a month. the recovery takes 4 to 6 months. but it  makes me have to relearn how to walk and use my entire leg. im spending all my time having fun and facing my fears, even though i dont have many. i spent a week in north carolina on the lake knee boarding and trying new tricks. then i went straight to work camp. its the best experience i have ever had. it opened my eyes to see the world in a whole new way. that lasted a week. now i am at my brothers house with his family, helping them as much as i  can and seeing friends up here. im going back home tonight to get my room all nice and neat because ill be in there for quite a while. i might even go to virginia beach, even though i dont really love the beach. i mean its just a beach and im going to hawaii next year. i am even taking algebra 2 at the age 15, turning  16 this september, just so ill be two years ahead of my math level in sophomore year in highschool. i like to be an over achiever in somethings, and not in others. thats just me. i have my strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else in the world. and im proud of it. im proud of what i was given. 

genna <3 


  1. can u stop blabbering on about random shit that no one sees nor gives a shit about, liek seriously

    1. Hi, as we have mentioned, two people run this blog here. My best friend, Genna, and I, Summer. Although we are open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, hate like this is not excepted. This blog was created by Genna to help vent out her day to day troubles, wether big or small. All people react differently to big and small things. She chose to write about this, as you chose to read our blog, and we greatly apreciate your reading through.