Friday, July 12, 2013

Theres always going to be another mountain

Spent some time with my girl Genna, she's doing pretty well with post surgery PT and recovery so far, she went to mass two days later on Sunday, which is pretty impressive! Its always darkest before the dawn, so her dawn is coming soon. On fourth of July we spent the whole day together! we went and saw despicable me 2 in 3D and it was so funny! then we went to my neighborhood and went and tanned at the pool, adventuring in the deep woods by the creeks, and climbed huge hills, then back to my house for dinner and yummy pie and finally gorgeous fireworks by the lake. So she had a pretty amazing day before her surgery the next morning. Next week I believe my family and I are going to Virginia beach for the day and also I want to go canoeing with my running partner on the weekend. This weekend will be pretty chill for me. Quote " Behind the athlete you have become, the coaches who pushed have pushed you, friends who have supported you, the medals you have won, and the hours of practice, is the little girl who fell in love with swimming in the first place. Swim for her, not for anyone else." - unknown ~ Summer

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