Monday, July 29, 2013

Beach air cravingsss

Hi guys! Summer here, I've kind of neglected the blog temporarily, and while I'm not one to make up excuses, I have been chin deep in dog sitting and swim team. In fact I have made myself sick with a cold from stressing out so much, and the beach and a long black coffee from Starbucks sounds absolutely heavenly; as I write this I have Laid Back Beach Music playist playing on my Pandora radio as I drink Colombian coffee, watching some ones dogs while she is out of the country exploring the allurement of Ireland, day dreaming of white sand, blue water beaches and surfing. Last night I had a dream that I was adopted. what the heck hah?. Last Tuesday I went and saw Man of Steel with a guy I like, he made fun of me every time I jumped at a loud scene because I rarely go see movies, and he worked at a movie theatre in Canada before coming back to Virginia permanently before he leaves yet again for boot camp to become a US Marine in the next 9 months, and he was used to the loudness. There is only one week of swim to go until the summer break in august. Sometime during the first week of August I'm going to go get a massage at Massage Envy and relive some of the tension in my back. A week ago on Sunday my running partner and friend, Julie, and I went down to the back of Cate's house ( I am watching her dogs, as well as feed swans for here because she has lakefront property ) and caught a GINORMOUS catfish with a wimpy Walmart fishing rod, dog food, a net, and our rigourus determination. The catfish wouldn't even fit in our bucket! my dad came down and helped us by taking the handle off the Lowes bucket and put it through its mouth so we could take it home and make blackened Cajun catfish with asparagus, it was quite a meal and adventure. A little end note, Genna and I's blog is random little tidbits of our lives, and what we choose to write about is our decisions and if you don't like what you read, nobody is making you read it. Thanks!and to all our supporters, old and new,we love you and thank you for reading. ~ Summer xox

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